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Jurnalist a.k.a Yung Jurn
Knoxville, TN
(President of MTE/Artist/Song Writer/Audio Engineer)

Born in CA, Jurnalist (a.k.a. Yung Jurn) is a 21 year old artist, engineer, and President of Meal Ticket Entertainment. Jurn was constantly on the move at a young age, moving to 5 different states back to back after the age of 3. He went from The Bay, to Las Vegas, then to Amarillo Texas (where he lived there until he was 9 years of age) then eventually to Knoxville Tennessee, where he grew up. Though he was young, being in these different environments would help him later on down the line, it made him more versatile. Allowing him to speak from perspectives of people in 5 different states. How he got into to music is another thing though. One day he had a deep conversation with himself and asked: "Are you going to work at some white man's cubicle or are you gonna make this music work?" Well, he decided music and never looked back. His influences include: Outkast, KanYe West, Goodie Mob, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti (Pre-5 Star Chick), Biggie, Big L, Clipse, Ludacris, and UGK (especially Pimp C "All my cars got leather and wood.")
In Knoxville he would find himself smoking, drinking, and trapping like every other black male around there. This was until he started to freestyle raps to friends, they noticed his talent and he began to get home studio time from connections. It was pretty much history in the making after that. He was starting to show a lot of promise, but due to his activities outside of music his Mom kicked him out at the age of 16. He was then sent back to California.
Now this is where he met Ben Ready, (CEO of Meal Ticket Entertainment) Ben decided to take a chance on him and it paid off in spades. It wasn't all good at first though. He used to get kicked out of studio sessions often and told to come back when he was ready. This happened to the point that he borderline hated Ben Ready, but Ben's harsh critiquing and reviews made him get better. He kept grinding and progressed to where he is now. He attributes his success to the influences in his life and the places hes been the shit he's seen/done.  As well as the people he met and continue to meet everyday. He's 21 going on 22 grinding 24/8 366 on a leap year. I'll close with a quote from him, "I gotta get it by hook or crook so look out for me, meal ticket ent nigga!"

03.white smoke Ft.Jayy Cee Kiid Scoob and Fresh Mula by Jurnalist Mte
White Smoke
White Smoke's Music Video (Filmed On A Macbook Pro)
White Smoke - Jurnalist Ft. Jayy Cee Kiid Scoob and Fresh Mula

S.N.A.F.U. Ft. Kiid Scoob and Fresh Mula by Jurnalist Mte
10.C.S.M (Cloud.Surfing.Music) by Jurnalist Mte

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Fresh Mula 
Baton Rogue, LA 
Artist/Song Writer/Audio Engineer)

Born in Louisiana, Fresh Mula is a 19 year old Recording Artist & Engineer. Coming from a rough side of Louisiana, Fresh was in and out of foster homes. As a kid, he was a very active. He played every sport, but at the age of 8 is when he learned music is what he truly wanted to do. At the age of 9, he was adopted
and moved to Arizona to be with his new family. Arizona was a different type of environment then the south and he lived in a middle class neighborhood of mostly whites. After getting kicked out of his house he later moved to LA with his cousin Ben Ready (Ceo of Meal Ticket Entertainment). 

At the time Ben Ready was just starting his company and quickly named Fresh Mula his first artist after hearing him freestyle a few times. Fresh soon began to work on his debut mixtape entitled "Fresher Then Ever," but when Fresh moved back to Arizona (after his dad accepted him back) he eventually started losing focus in music and was considering stopping. That’s when he decided to move back to LA to really pursue his goal in music. A few months after he arrived back in LA, he dropped a single that blew up and even made it on (Web Site That Drops New and Hottest Music). Shortly after he dropped his second mixtape Entitled "Road 2 Success" which went around on twitter and was getting good feedback. People where finally starting to take heed to his music and he was creating a buzz over the internet and social networks. In 2010 he dropped his third called "On Sum Otha Sh*t" which displayed his versatility and creativity. On Sum Otha Sh*t posted on a lot of blogs like & and gained a lot of downloads and views. He has currently released his fourth mixture titled "Se7en Days A Week" which displays his growth and development. Fresh Is currently working on his labels compilation album and his 5th mixtape which will be hosted by a big named DJ soon to be announced.





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